2017-10-09 14:48:22

Wacoal swimwear manufacturer China SS13, bright and bold

The Spring Summer offerings swimwear manufacturer China from Wacoal are available now and will definitely brighten you up this Summer.

You&'ll find lots of very wholesale swimwear bold and bright colours like zesty yellow, marine blue and vivid fuchsia&'s which make all the lace and embroidery stand out and give the collection a really chic look.

First up (see below), is this black lace ‘Seduction&' set from Wacoal.

New this season, is Wacoal France which offers this sultry, wholesale swimwear intricately detailed set called ‘Festival&' (big pic below). This is new to the UK and available in Harrods.

Finally, the creme de la creme comes in the form of Wacoal DIA, the brands most premium offering. This luxury collection is available vxyvx160 exclusively at Harrods and on Harrods online and uses the very finest of laces and hand-finished artistry

Check out some pics below and you should be able to find these styles in the shops now!

There's more to read!Skiny SS13. Bold, bright Aussie undies. Oh, and Mick Jaggers daughter! Princesse Tam Tam SS14. Bold, bright and very pretty.

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